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Significant New Restrictions And Waivers Enacted

Governor suspends town meetings, referendums and adds 20 additional changes to state and municipal regulation changes in 10th executive order since March 10th

Governor Lamont has issued a series of increasingly expansive Executive Orders since March 10th in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. What follows is a summary of each order since the emergency declaration. To view the orders in their entirety, please visit

March 10, Declaration of public health and civil preparedness emergency.

March 12, Executive Order 7, prohibited gatherings of 250 people, suspended some statutes and regulations

March 13, Executive Order 7A, restricted access to nursing homes

March 14, Executive Order 7B, eliminated in-person meeting requirements, increased access to childcare, provided for additional healthcare resources

March 15, Executive Order 7C, Cancelled classes in public schools for 2 weeks, closed Department of Motor Vehicles, extended deadline for municipal budgets, suspended regulations governing health care data and restricted visitation and gatherins at health care facilities

March 16, Executive Order 7D, Restricted gatherings to 50 or fewer people, closed bars and restaurans except food takeout and delivery, closed gyms, fitness centers and movie theaters, prohibited on-site off-track betting

March 17, Executive Order 7E, Waived requirement for 180 day school year, suspended fingerprinting, extended duration of licenses and permits and suspended Department of social Services hearings

March 18, Executiev Order 7F, CLosed large shopping malls, closed public amusement locations except public parks, expanded medicaid telehealth, waived in-person requirements at certain Probate Court proceedings

March 19, Executive order 7G, Postponded presidential primary, suspended non-critical court operations, expanded telehealth

March 20, Executive Order 7H, limited workplace operations of non-essential businesses and non-profits, created a process to designate businesses as essential, set statewide guidelines for governmental response to COVID-19 pandemic

March 21, Executive Order 7G does the following effective Saturday, March 21st:

1. Suspends requirement that public assistance eligibility reinvestigations be conducted every 12 or 24 months

2. Suspends copayments of Medicare Part D

3. Suspends copayments for HUSKY B clients

4. Suspends limitations on refills of non-maintenance medications for HUSKY beneficiaries

5. Waives certain requirements for student data privacy to provide online education

6. Limits visitation with Children Placed in the care of the Department of Children and Families

7. Limits visitation at facilities that treat children or youth with psychiatric disabilities

8. Waives in-preson screening and hearing requirements for facilites with limited visitor access

9. Extends pharmacists discretion in refilling prescriptions from 72 hours to up to 30 days

10. Moves power to grant waivers on pharmacy regulation from Commissioner of Pharmacy to Commissioner of Department of Consumer Protection

11. Suspends requirement that shareholder meetings be conducted in person

12. Extends budget adoption deadline extension to additional municipal bodies including fire, sewer, school, lighting and special taxing districts

13. Suspends in-person budget adoption requirements for municipalities and directs board of selectmen to authorize budget-making authority to adopt a budget for the July 1, 2020-2021 fiscal year and set the town mill rate without holding annual town meeting, referndum or special town meetings

14. Suspends in-person budget adoption requirements for regional boards of education, directing them to adopt a budget without holding annual district budget meetings, requiring votes, referendum or special district meetings.

15. Extends municipal deadlines and waives penalties for planning, assessment and taxation

16. Suspends in-person filing requirements for municipal planning, assessment and taxation, allowing conference calls, videoconference, etc.

17. Suspends deadlines and modicficstion of public hearing and appears requirements for assessment and taxation

18. Suspends reporting requirements for specific property data for tax exemptions

19. Suspends or modifies municipal procedural requirements and time limits on public hearings, decisions and appeals

19-a. Provides 90 day extensions for modifications to municpal laws and regulations covered by all related executive orders

19-b. Extends demolition delays by 90 days

19-c. Eliminates the requirement to publish muncipal or agency public notices in newspapers and allows publishing of public notices on municipality website instead

19-d. Suspends notice filing requirements with municpal clerks, directs such notice to be placed on town website

19-e. Eliminates requirement to post physical signs related to zoning, inland wetlands, planning or historic district peitions, applications or proposals and instead allows for posting on municipality website

19-f. Allows use of e-mail instead of posta mail for notices

19-g. Laws prescribing the procedure for petition, including of a decision, to an agency or legislative body are suspended to allow for electronic signature and email

19-h. Laws prescribing the procedure for petition, including of a decision, to the Superior Court are suspended to allow for electronic signature and email

19-i. Laws prescribing the procedure for zoning or inland wetland appeals permit appeals by mail or email.

19-j. Municipalities may waive requirement for paper copies or duplicates of applications to any agency

We will update this document as changes or additions are made.


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